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Updated on November 11, 2023

Annual Renewal of Certification (Re-Certification)

Certification in CPSP reflects the commitment “to being mutually responsible to one another for our professional work and direction” that we undertake by joining this community of fellow pilgrims.

Each chapter is charged with conducting an annual review of all certified members (Standards, §1130.1.2), either by chapter members, if the chapter has been authorized for the current year (Standards, §1130.2), or with the assistance and consultation of a sponsoring chapter (Standards, §1130.3). (The chapter actually conducting the review must have at least four members certified at the same or higher level as the member being reviewed actually participating in the review process (Standards, §1100.2).)

This review is attested by the submission of the chapter’s annual report to the Certification and Promotion of Chapters Committee, which serves as the formal recommendation that the members’ certifications be renewed, as the report shall indicate.

These recommendations by qualified chapters are then aggregated for reporting by the Certification of Individuals Committee to the Spring Meeting of Governing Council for approval. (By-laws, §7.04(b)3)

CPSP certifications expire yearly on March 31; any certifications not approved by Governing Council are deemed to be void, after that date.

Accordingly, the requirement, “A chapter must have at least four members certified at (or above) any certification level in order to recommend members at that level for annual recertification” (Standards, §1100.2) should inform a chapter’s efforts to encourage one another in seeking certification, and in welcoming and supporting new members.

Complete the 2023 Annual Chapter Report Form for Reauthorization



Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Review of Certification

For annual recertification, must I submit a new certification form and supporting documents?

No. You only need to be in good standing with a CPSP chapter. (The chapter needs to have at least four members certified at the level for which you seek renewal, or make arrangements to be assisted by a “sponsoring chapter.”)

The chapter must submit its Annual Report, including an attestation that the required review of certifications has been conducted and listing the members and certifications being recommended for renewal.

What does it cost to be recertified annually? 


There is no cost, other than the timely payment of your annual dues. 



I'm not with a chapter right now. Can I just let you know I'm still active and need my credentials? 

If at any time you find that you are without a chapter, please let us know how we can help you to connect. In the meantime, if you are not listed


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