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Updated on November 11, 2023

Accreditation Oversight Committee

  • Compiles data related to current CPSP accredited training programs,

  • Creates and recommends to the Governing Council standards and procedures for training programs, 

  • Offers consultation and guidance to training programs for their work, and 

  • Validates the functional quality of training programs and Chapter oversight; recommends corrective action when training programs fail to meet Standards, by the Governing Council or Executive Chapter. 

Responsive Table
Position Name Phone Email
Chair, Accreditation Oversight Solon Smith (769) 232-1480
Member David G. Berg (443)623-9789
Member Rev. Rachel Greiner (816)276-3510
Member Rev. Dr. Francine Hernandez (347) 610-7889
Member Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones (404) 245-0345
Member Rev. Dr. Denise M. Lawrence 9178604742
Member Rev. Dr. Juan T. Loya (210) 725-5416
Member Dr. Judith Mufuh 240 826 6112
Member Rev. Cynthia H. Olson 9167129776
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