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Updated on November 10, 2023

Chapter Authorization Committee

Responsive Table
Position Name Phone Email
Chair, Women In Leadership Rev. Dr. Nancy E. Schaffer (516) 524-2882
Member Rev. Dr. Denise M. Lawrence (917) 860-4742
Member Roberta H. Whitney (978) 807-2936
Member Sharon Johnson (732) 710-0329
Member Karla Davis (301) 667-8744

Chapter Reauthorization

One of the duties of a CPSP Chapter is to submit an Annual Chapter Report. (The Standards of CPSP, §1120.4). The Annual Report Form is available beginning in the fourth quarter of the calendar year – e-mailed to all active members so they can work together in their chapters to prepare their report. Responses are due by January 1.

Each chapter will be reauthorized annually to perform the duties of a chapter by the Governing Council, on the recommendation of the Certification and Promotion of Chapters Committee, based on the following:

Submission of a Chapter Annual Report that attests to:

  • Participation in the governance, through the Regional Cluster of Chapters.
  • Documented re-certification review of all certified members.
  • Consultation with an outside consultant within three (3) years, or as needed.
  • Effective oversight of training programs, to include conduct of Program Review(s), as required, for training program accreditation.
  • Report on chapter meetings.
  • Chapter support for members’ professional development.
  • Members’ participation and/or leadership in CPSP-wide events.
  • Self-assessment of chapter life.
  • Plans for continuing professional development.
  • Chapters may be recommended for reauthorization either unconditionally, or with conditions.

Sponsored chapters – that is, chapters that do not have critical mass (four or more members of the same level of certification) – will submit reports as required by the Certification and Promotion of Chapters Committee, but may not conduct certification consultations for their members or annual recertification, except as provided above (§640.2.2). Any recommendations for recertification shall be reviewed in consultation with the sponsoring chapter.
The annual recertification of chapters is managed by the Certification and Promotion of Chapters Committee, and the process is outlined in The Standards of CPSP, §1130. (The By-laws of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, §7.04(c)3.).

As you approach the time for preparing the annual report, please note that “A chapter must have at least four members certified at (or above) any certification level in order to recommend members at that level for annual recertification.” (The Standards, §1100.2)

Also, if any members of the chapter are supervising training programs, the chapter is responsible for providing oversight. The supervisor should prepare and the chapter review the Annual Accreditation Compliance Checklist (Accreditation Manual, Appendix A); this report should be submitted with the chapter’s annual report. A copy of Appendix A can be downloaded HERE.

My chapter is new and just formed this year. Do we need to complete the Annual Chapter Report Form?

If your chapter formed after June 1, your chapter does not need to submit the report. 

My convener is not available to prepare the report. May someone else in the chapter submit the form?


Yes. While it is important that the chapter works together to complete the form (facilitated by the convener), but any member of the chapter may assist with this annual task. 


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